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About Us

Mission Statement

Every customer's boat use and application is different -
At Aliboats we try to supply the perfect hull for the job it is going to do.
We believe that this policy will give us happy customers with value for money boats that will last "forever".

We are boating people: We enjoy our boats, building them & using them !

Our aluminium boats evolved in Northern Botswana over 25 years ago to service the tourist industry. The parameters required were for a practical work boat to carry big loads through shallow waters over long distances with as light a fuel consumption as possible. The aesthetics of the boats was a secondary consideration. The finish and styling of our current range of hulls is as important to us as all the other design parameters.

Our aluminium hulls are all built out of Marine grade aluminium alloy  2 mm to 20 mm thick (depending on the use of the hull) to give a lightweight, durable boat with a very high load capacity on lower horse power and fuel consumption. Aluminium is the chosen material because of the increased usable space in the boat relative to other materials. A well designed ali hull has almost double the useful space of a comparable size Fiber Glass boat.

Aliboats is UNIQUE in that we are totally flexible on interior designs: We will accommodate your special needs !!


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