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Kafue. Small working boats. Tinny!
Fun, Exciting 'Kafue" boats.

Three sizes of stackable, working boat: No nonsense, high value:-
3.65 x 1.7 m. Ideal with 15 HP. 4 people comfortable.
4.95 x 1.9 m. Ideal with 25 HP. 6 people comfortable.
5.20 x 2.0 m. Ideal with 40 or 50 HP. Over 800 kg load.
Affordable boats driven by small HP engines, frugal on fuel but big on load.

Lightweight - for fun and work, an ideal choice as a fisherman's car top friend! Can be rowed or outboard driven.

Designed to stack inside each other for bulk transport on vehicles, trailers or in containers. 
Each extra 365 or 495 hull adds only 150 mm in height to a stack, ie 30 x 365 will stack in a 12 m container with lots of room to spare!  


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