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ALIBOATS: The friendly Aluminium boat people
Tough Boats. Built in Africa, for Africa.

The Aliboats team strive to match the perfect hull to your application. Whether it be fishing in one of our high speed, top of the line bass boats or just having family fun in one of our Jon boats. Carrying cargo, vehicles or passengers becomes a breeze in our very versatile range of Landing Craft & Ferries.  Or, slowly and quietly game viewing in one of our Outbacks or Swamp Cruisers for shallow operating conditions. Or a high speed River Runner work horse for those long distances on Africa's great rivers and lakes.

What ever your boating requirements are, we at ALIBOATS are committed to finding a solution for you amongst our extensive range of products, so that you to can "Enjoy Life on the Water".

We will Build any Hull to your specification as long as it has been designed by an approved draftsman.

Aliboats build an "all aluminium" trailer which is very suitable for repeated and continuous use in salt water. A galvanised trailer will eventually succumb to corrosion in the sea - our "submersible trailer" will last "for ever".

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